Sunday, September 21, 2008

Working on our booth for Festival Season

We've been working on our booth shots for festival season. Our neighbors must think we are crazy as we have a full on art market going on in the driveway. Plus, the cats keep thinking hey there's a party but then they realize uh no it's just another place to get swatted away from.It's been the first clear, non evacuation,non weather event in 6 week ends. Yes um deedy.
So, we'll be at.....
ByWater Art Market every third Saturday
Broad Street Market every fourth Saturday
Freret Market every first Saturday
Lafayette Square every Thursday through October and Harrison Avenue Marketplace every second Wednesday

and that doesnt include festivals...

You can also check us out locally


peace & beignets,

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making the most of your evacu-cation, bayou style

It's hard to even describe the feeling that you have to pack your whole life up into your car (including your pets)and then head out,perhaps never to return again. I never felt that way before until about three years ago. Now the sense of dread permeates the weeks before and after these weather events. That's why your time is best spent engaging in a little flea market therapy

The Highway 21 Flea Market in Angie, Louisiana is the perfect pit stop on your evacuation route. Located a block from the Hickory Pit barbeque, this joint is a great respite from Hurricane woes. The 21 has the usual selection of flea market goods- affordably priced! The vintage corning ware was in great shape and 2 or 3 dollars a piece.

We stocked up on handmade cypress furniture, finding a bookcase and a great rustic table that matches our salvage aesthetic. The worn cypress, hand milled, is incredible to the touch and eyes. And it wont set you back to much dough either.


Last but not least, the place was full of horse gear, seeing as we were in equestrian country it seemed just right. Good used saddles and bridles at really reasonable prices.

The salvages would rate Hwy 21 Flea Market in Angie a 3 truck event for the affordable handmade cypress furniture, household goods & tchotchke factor. Forget the clothing,books and dollar store junk. See ya there next time!