Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thrifting in Mobile Alabama

The first thing you need to keep in mind about thrifting in Mobile is that internet sources are not always updated frequently and therefore you have to put in some research to find your spot. Not one of the eight thrift stores listed either had the same location or hours.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Home and Garden giants working to restore City Park's Historic Buildings In New Orleans January 2008

While driving through City Park on the way to the Botanical Gardens, I chanced upon a wonderful sight: corporate elves restoring the Casino building, an architecturally significant structure for the city and also an icon of fun and delight for all New Orleanians. What made this even more interesting was the fact that Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware representatives were working together to make this happen. Restoring the city has truly become a DIY event, so thank you volunteers.

The building didnt really look this good even before Katrina so it really is a feather in our cap. Apparently the building will reopen in March, just in time for spring and for all the kids, flora and fauna who will be returning to the park.
Thanks again to all of the volunteers. We couldnt do it without you...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Epiphany in the Lower 9 New Orleans January 6 2008

We took a trip to the Lower 9th ward this morning to say goodbye to the Pink House Project (it packs up tonight) and see the progress in the neighborhood.There is going to be a free concert tonight and brangelina are sure to be there along with BCS touristas and hopefully tons of press. We're darn proud that our customers raised 100 to help and resolved to create more items that will help this community out.
Our pals Teena and Phil( have created some wonderful tshirts to celebrate and make money for the project as well and we hope our street team will be inspired to join in. More and more I am convinced that this city is a huge DIY project as progress abounds at the hands of the people and no one else.It is our epiphany moment, that progress in our city and ourselves can only come from us and within and no other source can help us through it. Sad and uplifting at the same time. Now to get to work...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thrifting in the New Year 2008 Tupelo Mississippi

A good many people have commented to me recently that they'd like to be a bit more environmentally friendly in the new year. What better way to marry the American habit of consumer spending and green living, than to shop at thrift stores. Just buying one used rather than new garment has an environmental impact of saving 360,000 gallons of water.

The good people of Northeast Mississippi have much to celebrate then with the impact of *four* thrift stores in the Tupelo area. I was fortunate to be able to spend many unaccompanied hours with my new ipod guiding me throughout and it was well, "just Like Heaven."

Heading east On Highway 6 from Oxford, Tupelo is a 45 minute drive.Just as you turn from Ponotoc to the outskirts of Tupelo, you hit the "19th Hole Thrift Store"
adjacent to the decaying Ponotoc Country club.It's on your lift and you cant miss the huge ranch house and blinking neon sign. It's worth it to turn around, if only for the spectacle (and Deliverance dream perhaps) of a family that lives right next door to its own thrift shop.
Dont let the caged and chained dogs scare you,just entering the shop and having the lady sneak up on you is a bit more frightening, especially if you've just seen Sweeney Todd.The bulk of her wares seem to be yard sale discards but there are a few good wearable current recycled clothes to take advantage of. Especially size 4 jeans. I stocked up on a good bit of vintage childrens books to make pendants out of and then it was off to the next adventure which was City Thrift.

Quite frankly I wasnt prepared for City Thrift. Housed in an old Walm-art?Kmart?Hancocks? The place was ginormous and there were tons of racks of great stuff. My first pick was these great old Johnson brothers transferware dishes for my collection.At 29 cents each, just ebaying them could pay for my gas to the thrift shop and back if needed.City thrift was full of great 70's Pucci-esque fabrics, great old leather items, and nice coats.They also have an entire wall of vintage books and games.It's the kind of place you could go crazy in so watch it so that your own landfill doesnt get bigger.

Tupelo, as any good town its size, also sports two Salvation Army stores.
The first at 816 Robert E Lee Drive, is within a mile and a half of City Thrift. This store is much much cheaper but really picked over.

The other Salvation Army is at 703 Daybrite Drive.

Make sure you vist Eli's Barbeque & check out Elvis' birthplace before checking out of Tupelo and Happy thrifting!