Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who Dat Nation!

It doesnt seem like so long ago when I was gifted a Who Dat shirt (and an Andy Gibb album) from our cousins down by de bayou in the 80s. Archie Manning and the Saints have long been a part of my family's mythology- from swimming daily as a 4 year old in the Sigma Nu pool at Ole Miss (down the street from our campus apartment) to my first word "peprally."

Many nights after a football game in the Grove and a bit of whisky loosening the tongue,my father often waxed poetic about Mississippi's contributions to football and everlasting Southern glory.Oh yeah and red heads- my dad seemed to think that was a contributing factor to football glory- his, Archie's and others.

When I was younger it was Archie, then John Fourcade, and finally Deuce McAllister who took the 1-55 to Sainthood.Joe Horn attended Ittawamba Community College in Fulton, where my grandfather lectured and he became part of our collective football magic as well.

We didnt have season tickets or attend games firsthand, but football on Sundays meant a Saints game on in our house. The first Christmas after Katrina, Heather and I made sure all of our gifts were New Orleans related. many of our relatives got Saints jerseys- some were bewildered (especially the Eagles fans)but we wanted to spread the message.

They were timely gifts, as New Orleans advanced to a winning season.My dad has always emphasized being a real fan, win or lose (hence his passion for Ole Miss) and Imust confess, I think the satisfaction of being a long term Saints fan in this situation is pretty sweet. In the dusky, rusty,broke down afterglow of what our city has been through, no matter your neux dat or who dat status, it feels DAMN GOOD!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carnival, Shows and Saints!

It's been a busy week down by de bayou. The weather has come from freezing, to hot to back again and my schedule has been hit by el Nino too it seems, going from vacation and back to the hectic swing of meetings, work, and events.

In the middle of it all, my studio is under construction (or is it deconstruction) to prepare for my new fixtures purchased from the soon to be closing fabric store.I'm really forcing myself to get rid of items there is no room for.

I decided to list these two dresses in my Etsy shop. Have to make room for the new junk, by getting rid of the old junk. Check them out yall and GEAUX SAINTS!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Custom Orders and San Francisco International Gift Fair down by de bayou

Ah its the last day of this beautiful vacation and we've been cramming in every last bit of sewing we can to get ready for the SFIGF and take care of custom orders. These tops are starting to grown on me and so I made one to wear to work tomorrow (to go with my black nails- GEAUX SAINTS) and I am going to offer them to brides.

Tomorrow is when we start cutting into the dreamy vintage Liberty fabrics for spring slips for the show. Cant wait! Okay Salvagistas, that's an update. I am also working on my Southern Gothic Manifesto, to be coming soon.

See yall around the salvage pile,xoxoxo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cleaning up for the new year

I've been trying to get my "studio" area cleaned up for the next big show. We donated boxes to AMVETS, brought five or more boxes to the craft swap, and are getting ready for the Salvation Army to come at the end of the month. It never seems to end, but the good news is that I dont need ANY doilies for the San Francisco Gift Fair :)

Stay tuned for pics of the clean up. The before pics are scary so I'll wait til to post those. 8 hours in, and probably 30 or so more to go. Plus a visit to the attic. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Southern Gothic Clothing line copied by Mod Cloth

Salvagistas you have not arrived until you've been ripped off. I am so happy that a sweet reader forwarded this link to me. Thanks Mod Cloth for advancing my line!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nutria palooza fashion show a huge success

Nutria palooza fashion show was a huge success. 15 designers rocked their nutria pelts before a sold out crowd and the cello by Helen Gillet and the mystic knights of nutria. We had a great time and I have to thank the lovely Mallory Whitfield for being my model. She looks good in anything, but she put a fabulous spin on what they called my look backstage :" dead & pretty." That's just how I like my decay anyway.

The next show is a benefit for the Bridge House, Feb. 26th. Cant wait to put that one together. Thanks for coming out everyone and thanks again to the organizer Cree, for inviting us and Mallory for making us look good.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year and Welcome 2010

Have been so looking forward to 2010. If I had only known what 2009 would have brought it might have been hibernation until now. How fitting that it is epiphany week.
I'm working on putting out new things and also really excited about some events coming up. We have the righteous fur fashion show this friday night- it comes with an opportunity to go to New York Fashion Week. Then I have the San Francisco International Gift Fair at the Moscone Center the weekend of Feb. 6- will be in the vintage clothing section. And then we have Round Top/Marburger Antique Fair March 30-April 7. Lots of new ideas in the works. As always, if you are in the area you can check out my booth at Foundry Square, 4310 Magazine Street, Tuesday-Saturdays, 10-5. Next to Casamentos (try the Oysters there).