Friday, May 23, 2008

Second Chance Salvage Shop become LAST CHance Salvage on the West bank of New Orleans

It is with great regret that I have to announce that Mr. Jackson's Second Chance Salvage has gone out of business in merry olde Gretna. That great place where you could find really great rickety old wood and metal, architectural salvage and the occasional shop fixture has gone kaput. Mr. Jackson sold his business to someone in the Belle Chasse area and really that is just so far away...

Today is the last day so you may be able to pick up a few bits of old crown molding. He also has plenty of windows, with panes and without= great for artistic re-use.
It's just a shame that there is no longer good salvage accessible to the riverside of the wank. Nonetheless.Go out there and share your love for chippy junk and rust with Mr. Jackson today. 200 Block Richard Street, right off the river road in old Gretna. See yall there!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


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Musicians Village at the Bayou Boogaloo!!!!!!
I'm really getting excited about the Bayou Bougaloo this Saturday on the Bayou St. John in New Orleans all day til 10pm. They have added an additional music stage. I have been working on these Musicians Village interpretations for the past month. They represent the homes that Habitat for Humanity came in and built for the displaced music community in the lower 9th ward. What's really special is that the houses were built by volunteers from all over the world who came in and put in their sweat equity. Its special to me too because one of my former students who is in a local and very hot brass band moved into his first home in the village late last summer.
That was such an exciting moment. Anyway, the resin is drying on these babies so they'll be ready for the show. Hope to see yall there!

Monday, May 19, 2008

pelicano.....creating that debris collage down by de bayou

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i can hardly believe its been about two weeks since my vacation started. and gee only about ten days left.woohoo!
since then, have been staying OUT of the thrift stores and into these debris collages. i also taught myself how to make a basic frame with the miter saw and compressor gun. this wood was salvaged from a katrina pile. pulled the nails out of the boards all myself, so its rewarding to have this finished pelicano all around.
will be selling these at the BAYOU BOOGALOO this Saturday, May 24th . Cross your fingers for us on the weather. See yall there!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Amazing shabby thrift finds at Covington Goodwill near new orleans

On our way to visit a friend out of town, we stopped by the Covington Goodwill, just off of Hwy 11, about 40 miles from New Orleans as you go over the Causeway Bridge.
Covington Goodwill is again one of those places you have to check daily as it is staked out by the junque pickers (I know because that used to be my job for a local antique shop)due to the fabulous old country stuff you can find there.Covington/Mandeville doesnt have too many shops where you can get rid of your old junk and get a tax write off so this place is a hot bed for the doily set & their castoffs.
Consistently, you WILL FIND the cutest vintage office furniture at this place. I have purchased several vintage office chairs here and they are never over 20 bucks. Heather wouldnt let me take this leather cutie home but I was dying to.These are so much nicer than current offerings at ikea or target and they will LAST LONGER. This chair is already older than me and it is still going.
The other thing was this super sweet shabby chippy kids desk. It had just come in and it sent me into total nostalgia for the pink one I had as a kid.
The pencil tray is just fantastic. oh so cute.
Anyway they have a decent selection of furniture there, always always great chairs- and this is the place where we got my fabulous cut velvet sofa. the Covington Goodwill doesnt disappoint and it is just down the street from some very cute cafes and other junk joints so bring your cash or credit cards because goodwill takes them all- even American Express. Open 9-6Monday through Saturday, see yall there!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sourcing art materials at the Green Project

This weekend we seemed to have been running low on junk (if that is possible) so we just had to run over to the Green Project and check out what they had. Since so many people are ca$hing in on the debris aesthetic these days you have to check almost everyday for good cypress and chippy heaven.
Also, going there is just a whole new world of possibility since Heather got her big honking truck. We've hauled home mantles, cabinets and all sorts of big items by the skin of our teeth or by the carpet of the now deceased 300TD Wagon.
So the first stop was the free pile where cypress abounded.
Then we had to hit the rusty metal section for all that good stuff.They had tons of metal doodads and whatnots for projects.

Pound for pound, (.99 a pound) you cant beat the green Project in New Orleans for sourcing unique,recycled materials for getting creative.

visit their site

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Junk Shop on St. Claude Ave in New Orleans...

We had Miss Dotsy in the house this weekend so it was time to get out there and do some junkin.
On our way to the Green Project (she always makes us go, everytime she visits even though we practically live there), we stumbled across this fantastic oasis of junk on St. Claude Avenue. Michael has incredible old rusty business signs, mantles (not chippy)and gorgeous doors sourced from some of the oldest debris piles in america Yall.
Michael used to own the fabulous junk shop at the corner of Elysian Fields and Dauphine. I believe he sold it before K and it has been until then to find a new place.
Michael hasnt officially named his shop yet, as he has only been open a few weeks. So far he is open every day but Sunday. You should really check out the shop because his prices are way better than the Bargain Center and he had an incredible selection of tapestries, rusty stuff and junk jewelry perfect for Heather's FleurDEbris.
2257 St. Claude Avenue,Lake side, Kitty corner from the old Schwegman's /Roberts and one block up from the HiHo lounge.Next to the Rasta Apothecary.See yall there!