Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

out of focus
out of focus,
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looking forward to 2010 like you wouldnt believe!
peace & beignets,
the salvages

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

freret market

freret market
freret market,
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We made it through market season, wow. Just a few deliveries to make in the debrismobile and then we are hasta la vista until 2010. So ready to put this year out of its misery and spend time with fam/friends.

Today I meeting and taking orders for my shows this spring. Let's hope it is fruitful!

wishing you peace & beignets always and see yall in 2010

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is that all there is?

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I thought I was going to be fine today but the struggle began early. Is that all there is? Work hard and then be taken like the rapture- you just leave your body and that's it? I'm having a hard time thinking all of this stress of business is worth it at all. Rudy would probably disagree. He was a clever businessman. I just dont know anymore.Does anyone else?

Monday, December 14, 2009

RIP RK Rowell

Rudy Rowell,aka RK Rowell, aka Vigoboom
This is a tribute to our friend Rudy Rowell, RK Rowell, Vigoboom. Many of you have known our beloved Rudy his whole life, some during school and others in his later years where he reinvented himself as an artist. I would say he has been an artist his whole life- the art of making and being a friend to others.

I only knew Rudy for 3 years. We met at an art market and instantly became friends. I would gradually find that Rudy had this ability to make and keep friends for decades because of his endearing charm and grace of making everyone else feel special.We would set our tents next to each other and through the corner of my eye would watch as he nodded heads with each new person, making them smile. They always left with one of his paintings- not just because he was a fantastic painter, but because he was a truly special person and they bought into that- literally.

I never knew Rudy as a young man growing up in Mississippi, or as a teacher and bandleader. But over the three short years I knew him, I met the lives he touched as they came by during events or as he spoke of them. He often stayed connected with people he had to let go when he worked with for a Casino.I believe he commented that it was a perfect job for him because he understood people and appreciated them even when they could not do their jobs right. This is so true.

As we became closer friends he shared his family and the illness of his family members with us . I witnessed the courage and compassion and sense of humor that had brought him to where he was to that day. Rudy’s grief and sentimentality for his grandmother was evident. He often spoke of her, the things she cooked and the way certain scents reminded him of her. He missed her dearly and lamented her passing.

Rudy’s sense of kindness was also present with the extended illness and inevitable passing of his stepmother Jeanie and his father Joe. Rudy was the patriarch of his family and took responsibility for their care and comfort. His brother’s Len’s death had left him the oldest brother and it was a burden but he took it on, knowing he was strong enough to do so.

Rudy’s strong sense of fairness and community came from his mother Sherry. I had never met a family where the ex wives were friends and the son called his mother by her first name.Both Brett, Sherry and Rudy bantered about with each other like best friends- bound in grief, they uttered out one-liners with an abundance and easy confidence of family members who knew each other truly well. And they did.

Rudy’s fairness and ability to make others feel special was no more apparent when he and his brother bonded together after the death of their father, Joe. Rudy remarked several times how grateful he was that he and Brett became closer after their father’s passing. He was enamored of Brett’s talent as a musician which only became known to the world after his death.

Rudy’s ability to share his grief over his father, stepmother,grandmother and brothers Len and Brett his kindness and his ability to make us smile were no more apparent than with his friends. Rudy was torn over moving back to Bay St. Louis to be with his best friend Bryan or move closer to New Orleans where his business was. He often said his heart was at the coast. Bryan was a significant part of that.

Rudy had the uncanny generosity of spirit to encourage and spark the best in what he called, his “tribe” of friends. Whether bonded by disappointment,creativity or a sense of fun, Rudy made you feel like he was your biggest fan. Because he was.

He loved his friend Christie for her take charge attitude and his doll-face Heather because of her work ethic among myriad of qualities he appreciated. He commiserated in late night phone calls with Sherry Dole, another talented artist looking for her breakthrough. Justyn was like his own son. He was your biggest fan.

There are so many people I’d like to mention that Rudy spoke of and spoke of often-Paula, Valerie,so many people, he loved you, thought of you and wished only the best for you. I know there are others I cannot recall in grief, but you were adored. Each one.

Rudy took so many of us in, last but not least his dog Finn and reluctant newcomer Don Draper. Finn was his heart and only got the best that Rudy had to share. He was lucky to have had such a good daddy. Don Draper the cat was going to come around. Any day now.

Rudy was appreciative of his success and wanted to share it with us all in his new gallery in Covington. He wanted to “get off of the streets” and was tired of the relentless circuit and politics of art markets. Everyone wanted his work but what they really wanted was a piece of his love. He had so much love to give and gave it freely, with a bit of sarcasm and home truths thrown in.You cant talk about Rudy without thinking of his wit and ability to poke fun at our own shortcomings. We needed it, we needed him and we will miss him dearly.

One of Rudy’s favorite movies was Steel Magnolias. a quote” I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.” We’ve had 46 years of wonderful. We are so grateful.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mardi Gras Indian by Rudy Rowell RK Rowell

Mardi Gras Indian by Rudy
Mardi Gras Indian by Rudy,
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I am so happy to say this was based on one of the photos of Mardi Gras Indians I took many yeas ago. Rudy turned it into something incredible!
RIP Rudy- you were a wonderful dear friend and mentor to us and so many other artists. I love you and hope you are blissful in your next life.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tales of the (Eco) Toddy Tonight at the W Hotel

Come see us tonight yall at Tales of the ECO Toddy at the W hotel. It might be the best night of the holiday shopping week if you have seen the rain forecast (groan). The W is on Poydras @ Tchoupitoulas. We're going to have those ever so popular Fleur Debris and lots of great green goods.

Tales of the (eco) Toddy
4:30 until
W Hotel
New Orleans

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Market Season down by de BAYOU

We've just got a couple of weeks to go with the busy holiday season of wonderful markets and festivals in New Orleans. This week we have an event at the W Hotel, which is sold out(I hear it may be because of some fabulous eco friendly movie stars who may be in town but that is just gossip). It's called tales of the Toddy- all about drinking hot toddies from fabulous New Orleans restaurants and shopping with eco friendly vendors. That is this Thursday, December 10 on Poydras.

Next we are doing both the Freret-stivus celebration and the Treme Creole Gumbo Festival featuring Kermit Ruffins and Gumbo purveyors. The Freret event is on Saturday and the Gumbo Fiesta is on Saturday and Sunday. Trying to get lots of stuff made for both.

And that is just this week. Next week I have more events, and, a Crazy Quilt workshop at the library, and, I'm in meetings this week about costume design for an indie film.Cross your fingers, it would be a wonderful nightcap on this most abundant year!

peace & beignets!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well I'm kinda sad we've decided not to apply to Jazz Fest this year. We've two big shows in the spring and spitting out art like a factory is draining. Still, last year was thrilling, fun & lucrative so its bittersweet. It's also sad the crowds wont see Heather's fabulous work.

Also, as I was just sifting through pictures, I just didnt feel inspired or anything, just kinda ho hum, well this is nice. Heather's work makes me feel more energized right now. Another thing was just that so many artists have said to us "I should have applied." One of our mentors told us you will get in when you are ready and its true. You will artists just starting out. We're going on year 10 of making and selling our creations. Sometimes you just need to take a break and enjoy life a little bit more. Last spring there was just little enjoyment and mostly insane work and havoc.

You can still catch works like these brilliant Crescent City works at Magazine Metals, 2401 Magazine Street. Also, she's going to be a Freret Market this Saturday (Freret @ Napolean) and Bacchanal on Sunday (Chartres @ Poland).

you can also look her up on the B-Native website and Etsy along with her synthasite, just google "NOLASALVAGE"

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Season and Etsy Holiday Sale

Picture 11
Picture 11,
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Good Morning Salvagistas

Our tree has arrived and the house is full of the scent of Douglas Fir.There is so much to be thankful for and so much in store for the new year. We've been in the studio with the elvettes cranking out rusty,lacy,glittery and ruffley confections for the holidays. Hope you will stop by our etsy shop to see what's on tap or visit our little nook on what has been called the greatest shopping street in the country:
Foundry Square, 4310 Magazine Street, New Orleans. We've also been spotted at outposts of cool in the San Antonio Area and just sent a huge order of Storyville Clothing to a shop in Austin. We love Texas and have been invited back to Round Top for Spring and will be in San Francisco in February. More details to follow.

Peace & beignets,
Kerry / BayouSalvage

Monday, November 23, 2009

winter wonderland 2

winter wonderland 2
winter wonderland 2,
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It's holiday time and the markets are heating up. We had a great time at the Poboy Festival yesterday- lots of people out and the weather stayed calm. We'll be doing a few different events coming up:
Freret Market Dec. 5
Bacchanal Holiday Market Dec. 6
Eco Toddy Dec. 10
Frestivus Dec. 12
Treme Creole Gumbo Festival Dec. 12&13
Elysian Fleas Dec. 19 & maybe Bywater. stay tuned for more details to come.

I'll have more of my french market bags, ruffle totes & laptop bags plus more bayousalvage art to wear and salvage ART!

You can always check out my spot at 4310 Magazine, Foundry Square for more goodies + vintage. I'm selling out of my cut velvet items very quickly.

See Yall There

Saturday, November 14, 2009

southern gothic plaid wool neck cuff

There is a bit of chill in the air so have been trying to make things with my stash of vintage Pendleton wool fabrics and kilts and my salvage pile of fabrics. I love how these feel around the neck. Are they right for NOLA? It is supposed to get down to 40 tonight. BRRRRR. I'll have these at the PoBoy festival, the Handmade Nation event at the Big Top this coming Wednesday Night and at Elysian Fleas on Saturday. Stay Warm yall!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bayou Salvage now @ Foundry Square 4310 Magazine Street!

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So excited that you can now shop to your hearts content at my new spot at Foundry Square, 4310 Magazine Street, Tuesday through Saturday. Nestled in between Nirvana & Cassamento's (best kept secret in town), you can while away the hours checking out local art and trying on my salvage art to wear in person. Velvet and tapestry coats are going fast and new items are added weekly to the mix to keep it fresh. When you are done, just head over to Ms Mae's for a cocktail or keep shopping amongst New Orleans' fabulous antiques and vintage clothing district.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

French Market Ruffle Tote

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Really excited to be offering these new ruffle totes made of recycled vintage wool and lined in organic cotton twill for the holidays.I just sold my first one in my ETSy shop. May there be many more to follow.
Also available in custom colors, just contact me for the info.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Action Day New Orleans Goodwill Opens New Superstore After Katrina

Blog Action day is tomorrow and the focus is the environment. When I started this blog a few years back it was amazing how many people in the New Orleans and surrounding areas would visit the site to get information about thrift shops, hours and locations.

It is wonderful then today to announce that Mid City now has a fabulous replacement for the old Thrift City. Goodwill has opened in the old Albertsons, which was the old Kmart which was the old whatever and so on and so on. 3400 Tulane Avenue. They had at least 200 people there shopping today.

You can save over 300,000 gallons of water by purchasing one used or recycled textile garment, as opposed to buying a new one. In addition you are providing jobs and training for many folks who need them. Shop at your local thrift store today. You can make the world a much better place!

Falling for Fall

We're just getting back into the swing of things and so excited to announce that we have a space on Magazine Street - 4310 Magazine, #30. The shop is called Foundry Square. Opening day is November 1, All Saints Day. We'll also be hitting Elysian Fleas, weather providing, this weekend on Sunday during the Saints game. See yall there!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi there Howdy and Hey Yall

YeeHaw. So happy to be sending reinforcements today down to Roundtop,Texas for the big Marburger Antique Show they have going on down there.

We've been stitching,pinning,draping and SHIPPING our little hearts away down by de rusty bayou. So hoping people love our stuff. And it is truly exciting to see how it translates off line and out of town.

It looks like everyone is buying lace, lace and more lace this year, probably before the world runs out of doilies.

It may be hard to believe, but there was a legitimate doily shortage here at the Salvages and we had to make-do.

Once the doilies ran out, it was time to get these scarves finished anyway as they've been sold out for a while and the orders for them were backing up on Etsy. Now I have about 20 or so. Yay!

So dont forget, if you are in Texas, head over to Hillcrest Inn, the side porch to check out the rustmobile and get you some bayousalvage in person!

4339 S STATE HWY 237

See yall there!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting Ready for Round Top Texas, Antique Show Here We Come

Its getting a little crazy here in salvage land. Once again we have the rustle of tafetta in the breeze,scraps of lace to and fro and the whir of the cast iron 1930s Singer. We're getting ready for Marburger, the grandaddy of Southern Antique Fairs and bayousalvage will be there!

Just like Jazz fest, doing this event is a dream come true. It wouldnt have been possible if we hadnt had an online shop on ETSY! for reals. Hallelujah!

We're going to be in front of Hillcrest Inn, at the Reborn Rubbish Booth skillfully manned by Donna Fussell, a handmade pioneer from around these parts. She's been selling at the event for years and she has great style and taste for the salvage life.

So dont forget to check us out salvagistas on your way to the Junk Gypsy Prom or as you load your carpetbags to go see Magnolia Pearl.
Follow the rusty, dusty trail and look for the lace!

We'll be there preview weekend until closing at October 3.xoxoxo,the salvages

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where we were

Came across this old video from almost three years ago and wow it is amazing to se how much progress we've made here since K. So much more left to do,however it is hard to look at this and remember the time that was for us. So much less certain. So much less pets.

We'll be shooting new video soon and some pics of the changes we've made to the house.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Howdy Texas Friends & Salvagistas!

Lone star lovers and salvagistas: we're now getting ready to show our stuff at Round Top/Marburger it seems. A big yeehaw and howdy to you all. To see their website go to back for more details, xoxoxo, the salvages

Friday, July 31, 2009

Great giveaway

the juliarose etsy shop is hosting a great giveaway with salvaged buttons. go check it out salvagistas!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thrifting South of the Border Nogales Arizona el thrifto!

On our venture to the rusty dusty south, we headed south of the border. On the way we stopped by- what else- this fabulous thrift store in Nogales, salvagistas.

It was a fabulous Salvation Army. Heather loaded up on rusty junk jewelry for her creations and I came away with fantastic vintage sunglasses and a wagon full of vintage slips- quite a few that had their original 50 year old tag on them. Oh and the guabara shirts or however you spell them. Heather got a really elaborate one but they had plenty more. In various stages of fabulous or not so much. Everything was a dollar or less that we purchased. Thankfully these items were lightweight and easy to pack into the bayoumobile. We've heard the store has since closed & hopefully will be back to check soon. The plaza is a great place to visit anyway due to its wonderful grocery store- we got great churros & horchata. Lots of mexican decor, paper products, etc.etc. Unless you drive over to Mexico, this stop is on your way to the checkpoint, so check it out salvagistas.

P.S. It had a ton of those cute Mexican embroidered dresses. I'm not allowed to buy them anymore due to an overflowing bin here at the salvage pile, but if you like those cute dresses, go here!

Salvation Army Thrift Stores in Nogales, Arizona

Name: Salvation Army the, Thrift Stores
Street: 490 North Grand Court Plaza
Nogales, AZ 85621-2748
Phone: (520) 287-7965

Monday, July 20, 2009

Junking in the Country !

We had a great time hitting a few junk spots on our way to visit Rue Roux out in the country this weekend.

After hitting the Covington Goodwill (review to follow later this week), we came upon Miss Loretta's. And she was ready to sell!

Obviously, we salvagistas share something in common with Loretta.

She cant seem to let her collections of junk go. We asked: did you have a lamp store, a frame store, a junk store? No, no , no she answered, offering us buckets of lamps for incredible prices.

we settled on a great old rusty truck, a rug, some shutters, and of course the wonderful feedsack quilt for $2!!!!!!

I love summer down by the bayou- such great junking, so little time. So if you come on down, hit the yard sales in the Covington area. You wont be disappointed!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thrifting in Tucson Part 2 St. Vincent dePaul

Thrifting in Tucson a deux. Tucson thrifting was so much fun we had to hit some stores twice. St Vincent de Paul on 6th was an unplanned yet enjoyable experience we happened upon after grabbing a cup of fair trade and an enormous chocolate chip cookie before heading out of town.

Dont let the unassuming facade fool you, this shop is crammed to the gills with vintage finds and great rusty salvage bits.

While wishing we had a truck to haul away all of the mid century furniture you could shake a stick at, we found piles of vintage doilies,linen linens, tablecloths,(all travel friendly in our car) and some sweet dishes (like we need more).

I wasnt able to get good pictures of the back of this facility- it is full of salvaged and rusty metal and other items left out in the elements- most of it free or One dollar.Remarkable and breathtakingly good value, this store is a good 3 trucks. Cant wait to get back there again!

St Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores

820 S 6th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thrifting in Tucson - the Motherlode- Value Village at 4th and 8th

Hola Amigos.
On our last tour of thrifting the Southwest- We checked out one of my favorite haunts: Value Village on 4th in Tucson. I first visited this Mecca of thrifting 15 years ago and subsequent jaunts did not disappoint over the years. Be prepared to ship your items home from Tucson because they wont fit in your CAR.

I've said it before folks and it bears repeating: anywhere that people go to retire is where you want to be for thrifting. Snowbird locales such as Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Springs, Florida, prepare to bring an empty truck to haul away the fabulous stuff. Tucson's fantastic university district has great coffee, world famous tattoo parlors and Thrifting. Dont miss the Value Village on the corner of 4th and 8th. I cant wait to return again in winter.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Halfy's Thrift Boutique Promoting Thrifting and Animals in the Kansas City Area

Last Summer I thrifted through the midwest and one place I hit was Halfy's in the Overland Park, Kansas area.
Greeted by their erstwhile mascot, this sweet, blind, and deaf lovey guided me to bargains and fall in love with Halfy's. Check it out if you are in the Kansas City area and looking for a good thrift store. Mission Road is a thrift haven.Halfy's takes the thrift mission one step further: ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT ANIMAL WELLNESS!!!

Halfy's Thrift Boutique
5917 Johnson Dr
Mission, KS 66202
(913) 677-9086

One truck for picking out great business clothes, silver, collectibles & promoting animal health and wellness!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gardening & Gratitude

We spent the better part of this morning cleaning out the yard, weed whacking and throwing junk out. It feels so good to have a clean yard. Spent two days at the coast and am dying to report on some of the shopping we did- Hudson's Treasure Hunt and then all of the new thrift stores open in the area. We also saw some great flea market items. We are going to go back next week and take pictures for yall. Look this week for me to post thrifting south of the border.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We're Almost There Yall

What a crazy week- trying to get everything in order for fall and also plan some down time for the 4th.This photo is such an inspiration to keep on going.The last old General Store I hit was Schwabs in Memphis circa 20 years ago. I hear they are making a comeback though.

Hope everyone has a great fourth. Hoping to post good news next week...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So Much New Stuff in the Works!!!

Now that the studio is up, some shipments have arrived, and the rain has come back (thankfully), we've been spending muchos hours in the lab perfecting a mighty bounty of new and interesting bayou concoctions. A hint: cypress trees,absinthe & satsumas.With a dash of leather and a rusty bit thrown in for good measure.HMMMM.
See yall soon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting Ready for FALL

Yes folks, instead of focusing on the 100 degree heat down by de bayou, we are getting ready for fall. We've turned a spare room into an open and airy (airy conditioned as well) studio and our projects for the fall season are stacked up one by one. Just like farmers working the crops, we are working the debris and salvage, ruminating on inspirations and taking lots of naps. Lots and lots of naps. I love this image culled from the website of the "graphics fairy." It reminds me of my stacks of vintage shoes just wAiting for FALL WEATHER: tights, layers and layers of ruffles.
Dreaming of fall down by de bayou,xoxoxo