Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Festivus is gearing up

idea thief situation resolved

person turned out to be very decent and communicative. thank you universe!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Save the World Sunday 20% off Sale

Today Sunday November 25 is Save the World Sunday and the trashion team on Etsy is having a 20% off sale in honor of this today.So I am posting about it and hopefully someone will notice!

Its also the New Orleans Craft Mafias Holiday Sale at the Big Top on Clio Street. From 2until 6pm today they will be having fantastic craft and goodies. It even looks like the weather may hold up. Shop early, enjoy good tunes, and drink cocktails
in a relaxing, fun atmosphere! It's at The Big Top 1638 Clio Street just
off St. Charles near Lee Circle.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

PoBoy Preservation Festival & Save Our World Sunday

Buy Recycled!Buy Handmade! Bayou Salvage!

Today is the PoBoy Preservation Festival on Oak Street in New Orleans 12-7. All kinds of restaurants from Emerils to Jockamos to homegrown neighborhood shops are going to be competing for the best PoBoy in New Orleans. We'll be selling our locally handmade and recycled wares there and also celebrating Save the World Sundays on Etsy. Woohoo. See ya there

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holiday To Do List

Next week is Thanksgiving and am just starting to freak out about all that needs to get done. We have 9 more markets to get through but I want this year's holiday to be special. There are so many things we miss out on every holiday season because we are so busy making stuff.Here are my priorities for enjoying my 18th Christmas in New Orleans.
1. Shop at the New Orleans Craft Mafia's Holiday show. Instead of selling at it or participating in Black Friday, I am going to show up to shop and support these wonderful artists.My brother will just love Tshirts from DJ Mags and Inexplicable Confetti.
2. Participate in carroling in Jackson Square with Bernard. Every year he asks me and I am always knee deep in fabric.
3. Donate a handmade ornament to the Green Project's Holiday Tree raffle.
4. Go the office Christmas Party and participate in the Electric Slide. Make sure the item I bring for a donation to Children's Charity is handmade!
5. Put lights in the yard and around the rusty alligator.Am feeling the spirit! Things are getting better!And I have 5 weeks off of work. Wooohooooo

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cranking Out Custom Orders

We've reached a bit of a lull before the insanity of the Holiday markets that begins after Thanksgiving.I've had to turn to my custom orders that came in during the Voodoo Music Fest. Is it Murphy's law that custom orders only come in when your busy beyond all belief?
No matter how much we may groan about it, custom orders give us a mandate to create. Most days I'm just free to sew a little of this and that, just doing whatever comes to mind. But when someone has paid for their work in advance I am compelled.Both Heather and I seem to churn out some of our best work when our backs are against the wall. Not sure if this is the artist's lament but it is true for us.

Monday, November 5, 2007

New Etsy Recruit from New Orleans Clyde the Fork Artist

Our Etsy New Orleans Street team had an event this weekend at the Marigny Hometiur right out side the French Quarter.It was a fun show to do because there were several artists there who do not normally sell their stuff at the art markets. Once such person we met was Clyde Casey the fork artist.
Clyde's preferred medium is "Argentinian" Stainless steel. I think his forms may be coming from recycled FEMA trailers but I digress.Clyde has an amazing ability to shape his forks into fabulous cuffs, head apparel and also a traveling mobile of art fabulousness, the forkinator.Notice his sidekick, Max Headfork.

Clyde's passion is the utility of the utensil. His outfit was entirely constructed of repurposed dinnerwear that becomes outerwear. His cellphone carrier,his toolbelt, his traveling machine, all handmade and forged with this mysterious Argentinian steel.

Clyde's cuff forks are a true steal at what he calls, 1000 pennies.As I sat there wishing there was a close ATM or for him to take credit cards, it struck me: Clyde must get on etsy. So of course I asked. Clyde, have you heard of Etsy?
And whatdoyaknow but why yes he had and not from the folks at the show but someone else in the quarters (Probably that Decatur Street lolligoth Rev. Ross). Speculation aside, we exchanged info and Clyde strolled off languidly with Max Headfork and the forkinator.
What's so great about New Orleans, besides all of the obvious stuff, is the hidden wealth of talent therein with folks like Clyde...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mirliton Festival Today in the Bywater

Etsy New orleans Street Team will be representing in the 9th Ward today at the Mirliton Festival.The show closes with my fave Morning Forty Federation.Members of the team are also going to be at the Freret Market and the Marigny Hometour tomorrow.The Bywater is one of those neighborhoods where you want to visit with alot of room in your car because there is always so much great junk in the streets. Come check it out yall 1-7pm at Royal and Piety Streets in Kville!