Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beware the ides of March and Marburger/Round Top

Salvagistas- where did March go? In between (insert illness, too many events, and a big show here), everything has been a blur. We have had great sneak peeks of spring with 70 degree days and 50 degrees at night. Today it is crisp and clear, about 55 degrees and the garden is in a curious limbo between holding back for winter or springing forth. Me too.

Round Top starts next Thursday, so I have a push to get to post some last minute items that will be headed Texas way soon enough. The items I've been working on lately are very bridal as have outfitted three brides this month and it's so much fun to play with white. Also it only requires one color thread, ha ha.

I hope everyone will be coming by the Hillcrest Inn, Blacksmith Shop, Back Porch area in Round Top next week. Check back with me soon, we have some big Salvage news coming up for April.
See yall later!

p.s.I was in two, couldnt be more different magazines this month- Mother Jones and Southern Flourish. Just the sort of irony Rudy would have appreciated...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marburger Bound, Fashion Shows, and Everything else...

I've finally survived the two weeks post Mardi Gras- weekends bookended by two fashion shows and including costuming for a film, three different concerts and Rudy's Jazz funeral.

Everything went well- hope my costumes were good enough for the film- they ended up taking the collar off of one dress and changing the coat several times to the one they originally bought before I was on board.It was really hard to do the film due to scheduling changes. They chose the one weekend I could not be there and my all time busiest week of 2010. They knew in December that this was my schedule, so the best that could be done was done and hope it turns out. The director and script are fantastic so how bad could it be?

We also survived Rudy's memorial. It turned out to be a successful fundraiser and we got some closure. I swear Rudy was there the whole time.Finally got rid of the Christmas tree and am going to delete his email and number from my phone. It feels worse than it did in December. It is real, he is gone and terribly missed. Love and hug your friends- you never know how long you have with them.

Marburger bound in just three weeks. I need to get out of town and may just go for the hell of it.All of my goods have to be delivered on St. Paddy's day. Its one hell of a lace tornado down de bayou until then.

See yall soon!