Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thrifting in New Mexico

You'd think after visiting the grand Canyon that you may have seen it all when it comes to the Southwest. Not so. Definitely the lava strewn landscape of New Mexico is equally as stark and lovely.

We took the scenic route on the border of Arizona and New Mexico and landed at the ice caves, formed from the collapsed lave tube of the el malpais volcano.For $9 each you can tour the volcano and ice cave which was 32 degrees! Brrr a perfect vacation spot for us swamp things.

On the way back from the ice caves, we hit the FRY Bread Shack along the highway. For around 5 dollars you could have a fry bread taco,hamburger or nachos. Dont miss the fry bread carboholics,it's totally worth the caloric splurge.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thrifting for Navajo jewels at the Grand Canyon

Finally we arrived at the Grand Canyon. Am not quite sure there is anything original to say about how incredible the canyon is. It is incredibly still and peaceful even with all of the tourists traipsing around.What may be a best kept secret about the canyon is the incredible value in Navajo Jewelry you can find there.
The secret? Pawned items! Yes, even at the swanky resorts abreast the canyon's South Rim a bargain can be found- at the Hopi House gift shop they sell pawned Navajo and other tribal items for a fraction of the original cost.

I was searching for some cool belt buckles like the ones we saw in Sedona for 400-600 buckaroos. At the Hopi House, these buckles were only $250. They also had gorgeous rings that were selling in some shops for 100 and up for around 50.

I went ahead and got the rings for Christmas gifts but couldnt splurge on the buckle as it still seemed like too much money, so I thought I would try Flagstaff's pawn scene instead.

You would not believe the total scores at Flagstaff's Super Pawn on Hwy 89 right off of Route 66.

Pendelton blankets,navajo jewlery of every sort and guess what? They were having a sale!
I got my buckle, previously priced at $400 bucks for $100 and it is fabulous. Picks to follow!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thrifting off Route 66 Sedona Arizona

You cannot believe the enjoyable ride from Flagstaff to Arizona. The short thirty minute drive is punctuated with red rock views and alpine like vistas with drops of 1000-2000 feet below.This is why we came here. Well that and thrifting. The allure of thrifting nestled inbetween two moneyed retirement communities was too much to resist. So we didnt.

The first to check out was TwiceNice, located on the main highway of Sedona. This is the kind of shop you come to for a quick replacement item you may have left at home.Definitely not a shopping destination. The store was full of well cared for items in either size 2 or size 20 with nothing inbetween. Shoes were the same story either size five or ten. Nothing vintage except for pantsuits of the 80s variety.

The last shop, a bit off the beaten path, we found while hitting the Oaxaca Cafe for lunch. The Girl's Ranch thrift shop is a hidden gem where you can find old embroidered linens and cute shorts. Not too cheap, but all the proceeds go to help single mothers get an education. Worthy every penny and the trip.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thifting on Route 66 in Flagstaff Arizona

You cannot believe the wealth of thrift stores in this area! No less than 9 in a small town of about 80,000 residents.
Every store we went to had a special it seemed. Savers had a 99 cent tag deal,Salvation Army just bagged it up and charged a lump sum (low) the Cedar Closet & St. Vincent depaul were two of the best maintained shops Ive ever been in. They were like department stores.

These stores had an amazing amount of good stuff. The St. vincent Depaul had gorgeous wool to knit with,vintage lace,tin trays and other assorted goodies like vintage fabric.

One of my favorite shops though, possibly the best ever experienced, had to be the Hodgepodge, which is run by a hospice group. This place had two floors of vintage lace, appliances,vintage cookware and the like, plus a boutique with super cheap prices and fabulous vintage clothes.This is a perfect vacation spot for the thrift obsessed.

The smell of the forest

There is something about being in the woods that is primal and feral. We must have evolved from cavedwellers because the body instantly becomes alert of the snap of a twig,the sight of footprints in the earth and the constant sense of the sun's placement no matter where you go.

In time, the eye begins to distinguish between the aspens, the pines and the spruce, both near and far. Dead limbs astray on the path look like ancient bone piles. The texture of bark resembles the wrinkles on a weathered face.

The sound of silence really starts to mean something.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thrifting along Route 66

We came across this fantastic roadside motel while heading west, the Cactus Inn in McClean Texas.Sheba was allowed in, they had coffee in the rooms and a small fridge. It was spacious and had lots of great photo ops.

There was also free wireless service and a fantastic steakhouse next door.Did we mention the bikers staying nearbye? Can we say "local color?" Fabulous!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Thrifting on the road to Flagstaff

If Heather's crazy driving wasnt enough, I had to be tempted from the highway by signs all up and down Highways 20 and 40. We were really rushing to get to her parents who she hasnt seen in quite some time, so we couldnt stop.

We did though, have to refuel as her speed was 80,so fortunately, we were able to pick up a little 99 cents an item thrift action in Flower Mound,Texas with some barbeque to boot

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Have dog & iguana? Will Travel!

we're off to see Heather's parents in Flagstaff and hit the Grand Canyon with one frisky dog and crabby iguana

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Flickr: Photos from rustchic

I am just trying to figure out this Flickr thing and so far its worked out well. Ya gotta try it if you get a chance!

Monday, May 14, 2007

My new love - iggdrasil clogs from el naturalista

Ever since an accident a few years back, Ive struggled with one working knee (therefore needing shoes that work like shock absorbers) and the desire to wear cute shoes while I am on my feet teaching. I found Fluevog cowboy boots for winter but was needing a summer shoe. Here it is in all of the cute colors of red, lime, a rich coffee brown and light tan. They also have black for those practical people.The Iggdrasil clog from el naturalista. And the shoe is totally recycled.Worth every penny!You can find them on ebay or Zappos or

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My New Stuff Thrifted Debris Angels from New Orleans

I made one of these a while back but didnt have the time or energy to make more. Now that we have to start renovations on our property, Ive been charged with getting rid of all the junk piles of salvage I have accumulating.

Jazz Fest and Mojo Madness

It has been a wild past week with Jazz fest bookending the week I had my first front page on Etsy! Most of the sales from this event were international. Mojos are going out all over the world and sending groovy vibes around.Just a few pics from both weekends of Jazz Fest:

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

French Quarter Fest - we passed a good time cher!

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend for French Quarter fest (if you dont include that nasty rainy saturday). We headed out on a cool crisp Sunday morning to start the day off with beignets. Met up with some customers who were sporting my bags- what a great camera op. Yall there is no time like festival time in New Orleans. I think this beats any other time of the year to be out and about enjoying our culture.