Monday, November 24, 2008

taking stock of yet another holiday season down on de bayou

Its been a crazy week down on de bayou chers. We are surviving and looking forward to a successful holiday season- next year will be year 10! yes 10! in creative produ$tion down on de bayou, both Heather & I. I've been looking for something new to do besides my little shotgun houses which are going into year 7 and have come up with these little sewn goodies.So many leather and fabric scraps to use up and recreate. Let me know what you think...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gretna Glass and Antiques Show

We were alerted by a savvy customer of ours that there was a glass and antiques show in Gretna this weekend. It was such a windy,blustery weekend that maybe all of their signage had been blown away? At any rate we headed down to check out what they had.

This lady was at the first booth on the end. She had on a great faux leopard coat. She also had tons of lace along with this wonderful sewing box.

She wasnt the only vendor who had lace. Piles everywhere- heaped on tables chairs, in vintage hampers and in items like this:

A wonderful hutch. We have enough hutches and such but this one was so cute it looked like it needed a good home (and someone to stop scraping the wonderful chippy finish off ...grrrr).

We stayed until we had spent our budget and it was time for lunch. Next time we'll get the news in advance so we can spread the word about the show.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

City Thrift - Tupelo's latest & greatest new thrift store

I've written about this shop several times and just cannot get enough of it. City Thrift opened in the Fall of 2007 to much acclaim in the Tupelo area. They have a few smaller stores but nothing like this which is more akin to a Value Village,Red White & Blue or a DAV in larger metropolitan areas. Fortunately, it s not far from the homestead so when we are there, it's time for City Thrift & this last visit was just as great as ever. We only had about 30 minutes, so we breezed in and spotted this rack of leather coats, all going for at least half off. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I was glad we had an SUV to drive away in.
We purchased enough vintage leather to outfit the cast of Saturday Night Fever and the Godfather combined.We also found some good silverplate for Mom (shh dont tell) and an array of vintage books. What is also great about this store is that they take donations. We had a nice load of fabric from my great grandmother's house that you couldnt use in a year of sundays. It was a great respite from family related stress.If you are in the Tupelo area you should not miss out on CITY THRIFT.They have 50cent Sundays too!

City Thrift
2605 W Main St
Tupelo, MS 38801
(662) 620-8190

City Thrift earns 3 trucks for great deals, vast selection & flexible hours

Friday, November 7, 2008

Salvation Army in Tupelo Mississippi

It was cool to check out the Salvation Army training center in downtown Tupelo, as I've been trying to catch it open for the past couple of years. They keep very limited hours and so getting in there builds the anticipation. Especially when you see on the board that everything is $1. At least all of the clothing.

Then you get inside. The clothes are pretty awful there. This is a sorting center so everything that really isnt sellable is on the floor. You will be greeted with rack after rack of sad clothing, really best suited for rag rugs or cleaning up spills. Completely not worth $1. Your best bet is to go upstairs and check out the furniture.

They had some cute vintage cabinets, vintage office chairs, old luggage, and quite a bit of old books and records perfect for collage. Otherwise drive right on by.

This store gets NO TRUCKS.Maybe a shovel is needed?
Salvation Army
527 Carnation St
Tupelo, MS 38804
(662) 842-9222‎

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall for Thrifting in Tupelo Mississippi

Went home to visit some family members recently and we had a little time to kill over in Tupelo.I visited three stores: Sanctuary Village Shoppe,Salvation Army and City Thrift.

It was a little dark inside for photos, but the Sanctuary Shoppe was surprisingly full of good deals including junk jewelry and old wedding dresses. There were two cute old cabinets as well but not quite affordable.

The good thing about these church shops is that they are usually even more affordable than a "chain" thrift store and their items are almost always in perfect condition.This location had furniture in gently used condition, and a wealth of clothes- not necessarily tons of vintage, but good used clothing for work and a few vintage pieces perfect for reworking. Also nice shoes & quality belts.

Sanctuary Village Shoppe
797 S Gloster St, Tupelo, MS 38801-4903
Phone: (662) 680-3834

This shop gets one truck for items in near perfect condition.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good morning salvagistas. So excited today to be visiting the new Salvation Army Superstore on Jefferson Highway this afternoon. It has just reopened back up after Katrina as a store. For the past few years it has been used as a center to assist people with getting their lives back together after the storm. It's a strange feeling because we visited the store just a few days before katrina and have been totally missing it.

Moreover, we have a new GOODWILL SUPERSTORE that will be opening up on Tulane Avenue @ Jefferson Davis. Perhaps this will fill the aching hole left by the loss of Thrift City USA, possibly the best thrift store ever that was on Carrollton & Tulane.

Last, I am so excited about our planned Christmas trip to Arizona. We will take the southern route, hopefully dipping back down into hill country. If you have any good shops or areas to visit let me know!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


originally uploaded by rustchic.
Good morning. We're getting ready for Harvest the Music tonight at Lafayette Square. A portion of the proceeds go to assist the 2nd Harvesters Food Bank.

Its been a great run so far, with five Thursdays in October, and near perfect weather except for last week.

If you are in New Orleans for Halloween, come on down to Lafayette Park, one block up from Poydras on St. Charles & check out the great free party tonight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ahhh,we can finally relax because Voodoo Experience is ovah! It was such a good time to see several returning vendors and customers and to once again, worship the music!

There were so many cool moments- most of them involving random marching bands and packs of customers rushing for my rack of flowery lacey headbands.

Thanks to everyone who showed up - especially my students- to come say hi.- See yall again next year!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BayouSalvage is Vending at Voodoo Music Experience Artists Village

Cannot believe the show will start in two days. Our house is a mass of boxes, lace debris piles,hanging clothes and rusty little bits ready to show.

I am going to try selling different kinds of art and seeing how it all works out. The lady just sent out loading instructions and she described herself as a "citizen of planet earth" so seeing as we're on the same page, its gonna be great.

Also, I'm super excited to see REM. it's been at least 15 years.And DEVOTCHKA, one of my new faves. Well just wanted to give an update, more later. See yall at the show!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been so busy trying to get ready for Voodoo Music Experience. Cannot believe it is just week away!

Every year I try to do some new and different things and this time we have two different markets going on the same weekend so I will be simultaneously preparing for the Broad St. Market and Voodoo. Craziness!

Our house is a blur of leather and lace and some new (well really old actually) vintage linen, denim and FLAX from France.

Hope if anyone is at the festival they will stop by and say hey!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thrifting for Halloween costumes on the West Bank of New Orleans

It's that time again! Yes, time to masque and what better way to spend a lazy Sunday than to thrift for that costume on the West bank......

Goodwill on Behrman Highway had a truckload of hats and ballgowns. The gowns were pretty spectacular but the prices were also really high. We recommend sticking to the combing the racks for unusual items that have been overlooked by the clerks. This shop is really a hit or miss event, requiring a constant presence there for quality finds. Your best bet there would be vintage children's clothes or shelling out for the sparkly gowns. Sometimes it's worth it.
Next we ventured over to unincorporated Jefferson Parish (home of the best Latin food in town) and Terry Parkway to find Thrift City. It was magic....

Thrift City was fully prepared for a haunting, with rack after rack of vintage mardi gras costumes, and the usual recycled kids costumes from Target and such.

You cant tell from the pics, but we found a rack of vintage satin gauchos with exquisite detail- rick rack ,pom poms, the whole shebang.All were priced under $5.00- you've got to check out what Thrift City has for Halloween.
Thrift City USA
601 Terry Pkwy, Ste 18, Gretna, LA 70056
Phone: (504) 363-0006
Open Sundays, just like the good old days...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall for BayouSalvage

To every season-there is a time to make.... a time to sell!
this seems like our season of juggling both and just in time, the Green Project had a huge clean up effort with lots of great salvageable goods available at low low prices.

These chippy doorknobs added inexpensive shabby chic to my latest display. Some will go on the mantle too.

These old walnut cabinets are going to make a great storage spot in our studio.

I am unable to resist windows like this. I am thinking about covering a small wooden bookcase we have with these to make it look more like an heirloom furniture piece.

The Green Projecton Press X Marais is just full of great stuff to get your creative juices flowing.

It was also great to have this write up in the Gambit Weekly on Tuesday. Thanks so much Kara and Sarah!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Working on our booth for Festival Season

We've been working on our booth shots for festival season. Our neighbors must think we are crazy as we have a full on art market going on in the driveway. Plus, the cats keep thinking hey there's a party but then they realize uh no it's just another place to get swatted away from.It's been the first clear, non evacuation,non weather event in 6 week ends. Yes um deedy.
So, we'll be at.....
ByWater Art Market every third Saturday
Broad Street Market every fourth Saturday
Freret Market every first Saturday
Lafayette Square every Thursday through October and Harrison Avenue Marketplace every second Wednesday

and that doesnt include festivals...

You can also check us out locally


peace & beignets,

we have a new site in progress:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making the most of your evacu-cation, bayou style

It's hard to even describe the feeling that you have to pack your whole life up into your car (including your pets)and then head out,perhaps never to return again. I never felt that way before until about three years ago. Now the sense of dread permeates the weeks before and after these weather events. That's why your time is best spent engaging in a little flea market therapy

The Highway 21 Flea Market in Angie, Louisiana is the perfect pit stop on your evacuation route. Located a block from the Hickory Pit barbeque, this joint is a great respite from Hurricane woes. The 21 has the usual selection of flea market goods- affordably priced! The vintage corning ware was in great shape and 2 or 3 dollars a piece.

We stocked up on handmade cypress furniture, finding a bookcase and a great rustic table that matches our salvage aesthetic. The worn cypress, hand milled, is incredible to the touch and eyes. And it wont set you back to much dough either.


Last but not least, the place was full of horse gear, seeing as we were in equestrian country it seemed just right. Good used saddles and bridles at really reasonable prices.

The salvages would rate Hwy 21 Flea Market in Angie a 3 truck event for the affordable handmade cypress furniture, household goods & tchotchke factor. Forget the clothing,books and dollar store junk. See ya there next time!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Evacuation Tips for Artists (and crafters) Part 2 the Gustav edition

Whenever we get alerted to something "brewing in the gulf" I tend to get a little antsy. Rollo May, creativity philosopher extraordinare calls this feeling the physical call to action for the artist.He says anxiety is the body's response to do something. I've put together these tips for my fellow artistas who live in areas that may be evacuated so you can do something with the antsy feeling and better prepare yourself should the worst thing happen.

1. What to evacuate with first: pets, people, & papers. The first two need no explanation I hope. The important paperwork you are going to need will be your tax documents from the past three years, your sales records,and insurance, birth certificate, passport. S.B.A. and CERF (Crafters Emergency Relief Fund) require documentation of your livelihood that comes from your art work. Without documentation they simply cannot help you. Also, even if you do not own your own home, you need to have reneters insurance if only to cover all the funds you've out into tools and supplies. Most renter's insurance policies are about $50 a month at the most expensive rates.

2. You need to decide what small supplies/tools you can take along with you to fill the anxious hours (which can turn into days, weeks,) while you wait to see what has happened to your home.Trust me, you will need something small to do to keep yourself occupied. Hopefully you wont need it.I recommend knitting or crotcheting or needlework like sewing leather for the car or hotel.

3. Take along any items you have listed on etsy or take your recent sales and mail them from your evacuation place, not your evacuation city. We lost millions and millions of bits of mail here in Katrina.

4. What you cant take, document. We have been taking photographs of all of our art work and collections and have been posting them to private files on flicker just in case of another freak storm. Insurance cannot pay you the full value if you dont have documentation and the best form is a photograph. If you have receipts those need to be taken with you as well.You cant take everything with you, obviously, so just take a picture and post them to a free shareware site so you know they are safe. You can also back this up by emailing some pics to yourself.

5. Take your most precious big tool or two if you can fit them in the car. We had to sneak back into the city to get our tools of the trade so we could work (under the cities' mandatory evacuation policy we could just look and grab stuff and then had to go). We werent sure about our jobs or employment and needed to make sure we could make money elsewhere. I ended up opening a shop in an antique mall selling my repurposed wares and Heather took carpentry jobs in the area. This also kept us less stressed out as we had something else to focus on. plus we ended up doing pretty well (it didnt hurt that Lucky magazine featured our antique mall just a short time later).

6. Get a copy of your fellow artists' emails and contact numbers just in case. After Katrina we had a few networks of our fellow crafters to comiserate with and hear about art opportunties elsewhere. This helped us feel like we could pick up and move some place if we had to and still have our creative lives somewhat intact.

I hope you never have to use these tips, but just in case, you'll feel less anxious.... One last tip- a certain source, we'll call her deep thrift, has recommended viewing as a source that civilian governments use to make decisions about evacuations and potential weather events. Be informed about your area in advance so you can make the best decisions for you, your family and your art business.