Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Angel of Thrifting in New Orleans Be Nice or Leave!

Sometimes, I dont know what happens but you and your mojo set out to see what you can while thrifting. Then it happens - that perfect item you find that you didnt know you needed appears and it fits into your car. Without wrecking it.

This is what happened when Heather and I recently set out to check out Miss Lily's Jackson Avenue Flea Market which is run by the fantastic folk artist Simon - Mr. Be Nice or Leave. Taking us fellow artists under his wing (Thanks to patroness [& ceramist] Blake from Bywater Art Market), Simon led us to this fantastic stash of vintage fleur de lis ceiling tile, chippy balusters,painted saw snakes and etcetera. This tile has been so inspirational that we have redone a cabinet and started making art out of it.
Thank you New Orleans Angel of Thrifting!

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