Friday, April 6, 2007

Wednesday at the Square - Jazz in the park - New Orleans

We are thrilled to be a part of Wednesday at the Square this Spring! First, to see so many folks out supporting local music, but also to fall in love with New Orleans again. Thanks YLC and Musicians. Also, it was great to see Schmoella (sp), the fantastic style icon and Mardi Gras Indian. Schmoella - I'll be making a fab bag for you soon.

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dee said...

hi rust chic
i am from dublin ireland. i just discovered your page. you've got a kindred spirit, i am a thrift, found, second hand, salvage lover. i have a stall in dublin selling reloved, rediscovered great to hear of someone in another city doing the same thing. believe it or not i have just started using the internet seriously and i'm really finding great gems. good luck with the bags the market and life. dee