Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fringe Benefits- All of the fantastic inspiration available on Etsy!

One of the benefits of being a seller on Etsy has got to be the wealth of inspiration and the support of a creative community to help you on your journey.One such artist is Dennice, better known as "Fringe" After viewing her shop, I just had to purchase this scarf of crocheted orange roses (pictured above on the mantel). It is hot as heck here these days and not quite the crochet scarf weather so it just seemed fitting to place this on the dining room mantel.Her work really brings a 3-d dimension to dressing and gives an outfit a bit of a sculptural and shabby feel. Dennice, along with Kateri Morton, and Judy, have been featured in this blog: to bring a bit of urban shabby our way-

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