Thursday, December 6, 2007

Make it Right Foundation Helping New Orleanians Get Home

It was really cool this week to hear abut the pink houses going up in the lower ninth ward. This art installation of 100 symbollic homes, represented by pink canvas tents, demonstrates on a smaller scale the displaced who are unable to come home to their neighborhoods.

I created these Christmas tree ornaments to find a way to help. If you go to the Make it Right website, you can click on a house and purchase items for these homes. Our street team leader was saying she wanted our team to at least be able to donate some trees.

We have all of these wood scraps of cypress from the ninth ward and also found buckets of nails in the 7th ward and have been looking for a project for them.

So hopefully having 50% of the sale of these will at least buy some lovely trees for these folks to make it right.

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