Saturday, January 19, 2008

Home and Garden giants working to restore City Park's Historic Buildings In New Orleans January 2008

While driving through City Park on the way to the Botanical Gardens, I chanced upon a wonderful sight: corporate elves restoring the Casino building, an architecturally significant structure for the city and also an icon of fun and delight for all New Orleanians. What made this even more interesting was the fact that Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware representatives were working together to make this happen. Restoring the city has truly become a DIY event, so thank you volunteers.

The building didnt really look this good even before Katrina so it really is a feather in our cap. Apparently the building will reopen in March, just in time for spring and for all the kids, flora and fauna who will be returning to the park.
Thanks again to all of the volunteers. We couldnt do it without you...

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Space Oddities said...

really awesome to see so many people helping out. yay!!