Friday, March 21, 2008

New Thrift Store on Earhart Boulevard!

The M & V Thrift Store has opened on Earhart Boulvard. It was a great sight to drive up and see the fabulous chippy bathtub and old time glider and chair set.
I spoke with the owner, Mary, who said they had been open for about a month. She, along with her husband, Victor (hence the M & V)have actually had a lot of business and are very encouraged about the outlook for their business on the Earhart corridor.
So the pickings, is that what you ask? Besides the great chippy glider and bathtub, there was a super cute chippy table and a set of sweet 60s breakfast set chairs.I also saw some great old linens, like a pair Danish MidCentury modern curtains, and a bunch of old lace runners and such. Also, Mary has a rather large collection of old cameras. She's not sure if any of them work but she has quite a few of them and look great. Would be great for assemblage work.
The M & V Thrift Store is located at 901 Earhart Boulevard in uptown New Orleans, right off of Carrolton.Open everyday but Sunday, 10-5.See yall there.


Heather Buchanan said...

oooooo how exciting! Finding a new thrift store is such a great feeling! And there are some lovely vintage wonders to boot. Fantastic! I'm a little jealous.

High Desert Diva said...

Looks like a great shop. Love that glider!

bamabelle said...

"Chicory Coffee (like colonics but cheaper)"

hahahahaha!!!! I agree !!!

My parents have that same glider and chair set, with 2 chairs, it was my Mamaw's. I covet it.