Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall for BayouSalvage

To every season-there is a time to make.... a time to sell!
this seems like our season of juggling both and just in time, the Green Project had a huge clean up effort with lots of great salvageable goods available at low low prices.

These chippy doorknobs added inexpensive shabby chic to my latest display. Some will go on the mantle too.

These old walnut cabinets are going to make a great storage spot in our studio.

I am unable to resist windows like this. I am thinking about covering a small wooden bookcase we have with these to make it look more like an heirloom furniture piece.

The Green Projecton Press X Marais is just full of great stuff to get your creative juices flowing.

It was also great to have this write up in the Gambit Weekly on Tuesday. Thanks so much Kara and Sarah!

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