Saturday, May 9, 2009

Here we are getting ready for our Lucky Magazine Shoot! Will it make the mag? What a nail bitter!

Jazz Fest was such a great experience. We met tons of new people and shared the BayouSalvage love from land to land.
We met folks from Chile, New Zealand,Japan, France, Montreal/Quebec, Argentina, and tons from California,Seattle & New York.

We got lots of praise on our booth, and Heather got Fleur Debris orders! YAY. All in all wonderful. Next week we hit the beach and then back to This Salvage Life, repairing our studio and making stuff from JUNK.xoxoxo see yall later,K


Karla said...

Hey - happy to have found this blog... I went to New Orleans for the first time this year (Mardi Gras) but sadly did not get to any thrift stores. Good luck with Lucky!

RustChic said...

thanks Karla
I'll be updating with new NOLA thrift info soon!