Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well I'm kinda sad we've decided not to apply to Jazz Fest this year. We've two big shows in the spring and spitting out art like a factory is draining. Still, last year was thrilling, fun & lucrative so its bittersweet. It's also sad the crowds wont see Heather's fabulous work.

Also, as I was just sifting through pictures, I just didnt feel inspired or anything, just kinda ho hum, well this is nice. Heather's work makes me feel more energized right now. Another thing was just that so many artists have said to us "I should have applied." One of our mentors told us you will get in when you are ready and its true. You will artists just starting out. We're going on year 10 of making and selling our creations. Sometimes you just need to take a break and enjoy life a little bit more. Last spring there was just little enjoyment and mostly insane work and havoc.

You can still catch works like these brilliant Crescent City works at Magazine Metals, 2401 Magazine Street. Also, she's going to be a Freret Market this Saturday (Freret @ Napolean) and Bacchanal on Sunday (Chartres @ Poland).

you can also look her up on the B-Native website and Etsy along with her synthasite, just google "NOLASALVAGE"

Happy Tuesday!

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