Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holding Patterns

Well we just keep on trucking along here. In spite of crazy articles about the potential for inevitable methane explosions, world economy collapse, and the sheer lack of grilled oysters around these parts it is business as usual. As long as there is some usual business, that is.

I'm sort of contemplating how my business can be portable in case of an extended hurricane evacuation.Katrina happened and I moved my business online and into another city,albeit temporarily. I didnt evacuate with machines or stock, but as soon as we could legally come in to "look and leave," I filled up serious loads of fabric and mcahines. What will happen if we have a gas influenced evacuation? We wouldnt be allowed to come back for a while one would imagine. Should I evacuate with samples?

Would love to hear how other artists are planing for their business and evacuation.

p.s. One thing I've been working on is wedding dresses. I ordered some silk hemp fabric and am looking forward to playing around with it.