Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodwill and Goodwillllll on the Gulf Coast

We had a lovely break from the hectic studio rebuild, business brouhaha, and stress of family illness down by the emerald shores of the Gulf Coast. Why no pictures you ask?

Well, save for a brief foray to one of our favorite places in Destin that used to be a cool restaurant and now is a GOODWILL - a wonderful goodwill full of fabulous stuff- so good, I left as have gone thrift abstinent for the summer so nolasalvage could spend three hours to her hearts content with almost two carts full of stuff.

No I didnt even bring my camera and save for a few phone photos of the rushing waves, spent time soaking up rays and the smell of the water. And tons of sand. Even after vacuuming twice, there is still sand- where is it coming from?

It was beautiful there- we found a great condo across from the beach- owned by a local who was struggling seeing as the summer had been so slow. We ate wonderful seafood and even took in the fabulous Cirque du Soleil, front and center which has inspired some great things for fall. Being under the midway, the stars, the sun and sand, enjoying delicious sweetwater Georgia Brown ale. Ah it was great. A nice way to replenish for the coming fall and enjoying the coast, just like it should be.