Monday, November 5, 2007

New Etsy Recruit from New Orleans Clyde the Fork Artist

Our Etsy New Orleans Street team had an event this weekend at the Marigny Hometiur right out side the French Quarter.It was a fun show to do because there were several artists there who do not normally sell their stuff at the art markets. Once such person we met was Clyde Casey the fork artist.
Clyde's preferred medium is "Argentinian" Stainless steel. I think his forms may be coming from recycled FEMA trailers but I digress.Clyde has an amazing ability to shape his forks into fabulous cuffs, head apparel and also a traveling mobile of art fabulousness, the forkinator.Notice his sidekick, Max Headfork.

Clyde's passion is the utility of the utensil. His outfit was entirely constructed of repurposed dinnerwear that becomes outerwear. His cellphone carrier,his toolbelt, his traveling machine, all handmade and forged with this mysterious Argentinian steel.

Clyde's cuff forks are a true steal at what he calls, 1000 pennies.As I sat there wishing there was a close ATM or for him to take credit cards, it struck me: Clyde must get on etsy. So of course I asked. Clyde, have you heard of Etsy?
And whatdoyaknow but why yes he had and not from the folks at the show but someone else in the quarters (Probably that Decatur Street lolligoth Rev. Ross). Speculation aside, we exchanged info and Clyde strolled off languidly with Max Headfork and the forkinator.
What's so great about New Orleans, besides all of the obvious stuff, is the hidden wealth of talent therein with folks like Clyde...

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Carol Emma said...

Oh How Cool!
Thanks for introducing us to Clyde.