Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holiday To Do List

Next week is Thanksgiving and am just starting to freak out about all that needs to get done. We have 9 more markets to get through but I want this year's holiday to be special. There are so many things we miss out on every holiday season because we are so busy making stuff.Here are my priorities for enjoying my 18th Christmas in New Orleans.
1. Shop at the New Orleans Craft Mafia's Holiday show. Instead of selling at it or participating in Black Friday, I am going to show up to shop and support these wonderful artists.My brother will just love Tshirts from DJ Mags and Inexplicable Confetti.
2. Participate in carroling in Jackson Square with Bernard. Every year he asks me and I am always knee deep in fabric.
3. Donate a handmade ornament to the Green Project's Holiday Tree raffle.
4. Go the office Christmas Party and participate in the Electric Slide. Make sure the item I bring for a donation to Children's Charity is handmade!
5. Put lights in the yard and around the rusty alligator.Am feeling the spirit! Things are getting better!And I have 5 weeks off of work. Wooohooooo

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mags said...

aw, thanks for the plug!! but sadly, i won't actually BE at the black friday new orleans craft mafia market. i won't be back in town yet. i arrive about a week later. you can see my full schedule of holiday markets (not quite as extensive as y'all's, but i'm packing it all into 2 weeks!!) up on my website, see ya soon!