Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is getting really old

Thanks to a very alert friend, I was emailed a copy of this photo:

When someone copies something you make because you are an artist and not something you are copying out of 17 magazine just to make money it really sucks. What makes it worse was this was someone who emailed and begged for a bunch of cuffs for her photo shoot and traded with some itmes that well anyway. Now she is making several items that look like mine. It just sucks and right now I hate her.


margaret coble, aka mags. said...

that sux, darlin. it hasn't happened to me yet, but fully expect it to at any moment. i'm all the time doing searches to see if someone's ripping me off out there. so aggravating.

RustChic said...

especially on etsy

Little Lovables said...

eww, that sucks.