Friday, May 9, 2008

Amazing shabby thrift finds at Covington Goodwill near new orleans

On our way to visit a friend out of town, we stopped by the Covington Goodwill, just off of Hwy 11, about 40 miles from New Orleans as you go over the Causeway Bridge.
Covington Goodwill is again one of those places you have to check daily as it is staked out by the junque pickers (I know because that used to be my job for a local antique shop)due to the fabulous old country stuff you can find there.Covington/Mandeville doesnt have too many shops where you can get rid of your old junk and get a tax write off so this place is a hot bed for the doily set & their castoffs.
Consistently, you WILL FIND the cutest vintage office furniture at this place. I have purchased several vintage office chairs here and they are never over 20 bucks. Heather wouldnt let me take this leather cutie home but I was dying to.These are so much nicer than current offerings at ikea or target and they will LAST LONGER. This chair is already older than me and it is still going.
The other thing was this super sweet shabby chippy kids desk. It had just come in and it sent me into total nostalgia for the pink one I had as a kid.
The pencil tray is just fantastic. oh so cute.
Anyway they have a decent selection of furniture there, always always great chairs- and this is the place where we got my fabulous cut velvet sofa. the Covington Goodwill doesnt disappoint and it is just down the street from some very cute cafes and other junk joints so bring your cash or credit cards because goodwill takes them all- even American Express. Open 9-6Monday through Saturday, see yall there!

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Megan McGory said...

I wish I lived nearby to this place! I have to stake out my local Salvation Army daily too, all the good stuff disappears almost as soon as it hits the shelves. Last week I managed to score a 14K gold necklace for $5--my first amazing find! :D