Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sourcing art materials at the Green Project

This weekend we seemed to have been running low on junk (if that is possible) so we just had to run over to the Green Project and check out what they had. Since so many people are ca$hing in on the debris aesthetic these days you have to check almost everyday for good cypress and chippy heaven.
Also, going there is just a whole new world of possibility since Heather got her big honking truck. We've hauled home mantles, cabinets and all sorts of big items by the skin of our teeth or by the carpet of the now deceased 300TD Wagon.
So the first stop was the free pile where cypress abounded.
Then we had to hit the rusty metal section for all that good stuff.They had tons of metal doodads and whatnots for projects.

Pound for pound, (.99 a pound) you cant beat the green Project in New Orleans for sourcing unique,recycled materials for getting creative.

visit their site

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