Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Estate Sales Shawnee Mission Kansas

It was with great glee when we set out to find barbecue and ended up hitting a row of estate sales and yard sales with out of this world deals.

First and foremost, these fantastic vintage sewing machines were a bit rough around the edges but you could tell they had plenty of life left in them.

Next there was a great stack of vintage golden books, perfect for collage with all of their vintage bird imagery.

It was hard to pass up this old woodstove but it wont fit in my suitcase.Also, the old radios- there were lots of them at every sale.

My favorites are always the old rusty receptacles that would look great in the garden with some hens and chicks planted in them.

There were a few consistent items at the many sales we hit:
1. great vintage books
2. south american textiles
3. native american handcrafts
4. hutches & tables

All in all, the finds here were well priced and over abundant. As one reader has suggested, a uhaul may be a good idea.


kim* said...

o----yEAH you had some great finds. cant wait to see what you do with those books

Paper Girl Productions said...

what cool finds! love that sewing machine especially!