Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three Stores in 3 hours: the Goodwill Challenge in Kansas City

Kansas City and the surrounding area is a cornocopia of thrift stores and yard sale heaven. As we were heading out to the airport this morning, we passed a valiant group setting out their yard sale items tenatively as the rain looked like it might start again.
Bright and early one morning I set out to hit the Goodwill Challenge: 3 stores, three different sides of town, in three hours with thirty dollars. My goals were to find vintage leather, a vintage suitcase to carry my items home and possibly some vintage art materials. I wasnt disappointed.
One striking motif of the Goodwills of the area had to be the prevalence of these solid wood tables.fabulous.
This Goodwill was also jam packed with this new technique of hanging pants with the waist hanging out. It was so nice to shop looking at the waist size. It also enabled them to hang more pants.
Goodwil 16630 135th Avenue,Kansas City Area. A super clean store with friendly staff. This store earns ONE TRUCK.Plan to stock up on tables and cute vintage furniture but leave the rest behind!

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Kami said...

aw man, I miss my midwest thrifting spots! KC is good stuff!