Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shawnee Goodwill In Kansas City Area- bring two trucks!

Upon approach, the Goodwill at Shawnee was very promising. Perhaps it was the mid century modern table and chairs with Goodwill Blue matching tabletop that drew me in. Whatever it was, it worked. As you come in the door, the store has checkout(s!) to the left and furniture and to the right, a small boutique that has nicer clothes,books and paintings.At first it was a painful flashback tot he Salvation Army on Chef Menteur Highway that flooded(and the wonderful vintage Chanel jacket in perfect condition I found there for 5 dollars), but I digress.
The "boutique" collection wasnt anything to write home about, but what about the wall of leatha? The leather, much of it vintage, in every shape, texture and hue.And it was organized and wonderfully priced. Time to get the truck!
This shop had quite a few vintage items all mixed in with newer, better quality stuff perfect for reconstruction, altering or whatever you could dream up.
This is a two truck store, for the cute vintage furniture and wonderful leatha.

(913) 631-3955....6220 Nieman Rd....Shawnee, KS 66203


NOLA Cleophatra said...

I'm leaving for a road trip next week. I did a search of your blog and saw you had a few entries for Hot Springs, AK and Memphis, both towns on my route (Augusta, GA to Albuquerque). I'm looking forward to checking out some of the places you mentioned. Thanks!

Katie said...

I love your new truck rating system!

RustChic said...

memphis, where i honed my thrifting chops at an early age, is virtually a candyland of thrifty delights. so cheap, so un picked over.cannot wait to see your finds!