Friday, August 1, 2008

Goodwill Thrift Store 8929 Wornall

After leaving the Goodwill Superstore on 135th, I headed backdown 435 & 69 to Kansas City proper and the thrift store highway known as Wornall, 89th & Wornall are the cross streets.

This brightly lit store is a bit smaller than the others in the area, but had good quality newer clothes, tons of vintage shoes, and quite a bit of soft vintage leather.

It was great to spot this old sewing machine that worked great and was very clean.
Also picked up this great bag for my collection. have a lot of brown,cream and black going on for fall so this will be perfect. This store earns One Truck for vintage leather & accessories but is very picked over in terms of good vintage or art supplies.

Goodwill Thrift Store 8929 Wornall, across from Smokestack Barbeque (sweet sauce + great burnt ends)in Kansas City,MO =


Margaret said...

You have a fantastic blog! There aren't many thrift shops around my area unfortunately, and it's such fun to read about all of your trips!

Barking Dogs said...

There is a wonderful SA nearby my house that has fabulous furniture .. If I had my old truck still, and a couple of friends with strong backs, my house would .. well .. look like the SA or GW !!

Great blog, always enjoy reading your posts.

Pretty Fun said...

I love that sewing machine!