Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting Ready for Round Top Texas, Antique Show Here We Come

Its getting a little crazy here in salvage land. Once again we have the rustle of tafetta in the breeze,scraps of lace to and fro and the whir of the cast iron 1930s Singer. We're getting ready for Marburger, the grandaddy of Southern Antique Fairs and bayousalvage will be there!

Just like Jazz fest, doing this event is a dream come true. It wouldnt have been possible if we hadnt had an online shop on ETSY! for reals. Hallelujah!

We're going to be in front of Hillcrest Inn, at the Reborn Rubbish Booth skillfully manned by Donna Fussell, a handmade pioneer from around these parts. She's been selling at the event for years and she has great style and taste for the salvage life.

So dont forget to check us out salvagistas on your way to the Junk Gypsy Prom or as you load your carpetbags to go see Magnolia Pearl.
Follow the rusty, dusty trail and look for the lace!

We'll be there preview weekend until closing at October 3.xoxoxo,the salvages


Brittany said...

Love the ruffles!

RustChic said...

thanks Brittany. everything looks better with ruffles!