Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi there Howdy and Hey Yall

YeeHaw. So happy to be sending reinforcements today down to Roundtop,Texas for the big Marburger Antique Show they have going on down there.

We've been stitching,pinning,draping and SHIPPING our little hearts away down by de rusty bayou. So hoping people love our stuff. And it is truly exciting to see how it translates off line and out of town.

It looks like everyone is buying lace, lace and more lace this year, probably before the world runs out of doilies.

It may be hard to believe, but there was a legitimate doily shortage here at the Salvages and we had to make-do.

Once the doilies ran out, it was time to get these scarves finished anyway as they've been sold out for a while and the orders for them were backing up on Etsy. Now I have about 20 or so. Yay!

So dont forget, if you are in Texas, head over to Hillcrest Inn, the side porch to check out the rustmobile and get you some bayousalvage in person!

4339 S STATE HWY 237

See yall there!


Brittany said...

These are really cool!

Maide said...

Oh..this is also beautiful.
I remember you...view month ago i was
watching etsy and also stopped by your shop...yes, yes...realy funny.

So i realy wondering what you create with my family. english is not the best...hope you understand ;-)

Greetings Maide