Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Of all the rites of passage of adulthood, there are few more awful than that of dealing with the illness of one's beloved pet. I have been very fortunate to have had my beloved childhood pets die of old age.Fortunate really to be shielded by my parents from all death pretty much. In the past two years, my two oldest dogs died with my ex, within months of each other as they should. They belonged to each other more than they ever did to either of us, together or apart. They had nice long lives.

Both my partner and I have struggled greatly with dealing with Sheba's advanced age. There have been moments when she wasnt well, but sprightly as ever she would bounce back and we could just shrug and say she's got plenty of life left to live. This summer has been a rude awakening. Sheba is almost 16 and her health has turned for the worse this summer and now her moments are escalating. We almost lost her twice this week. Both times she was out cold, her heart stopped and then she came back, dizzy but alive and kicking eventually. Today we had to face the music as it turns out her heart is the cause of her problems and it is simply giving out from giving so much love and expecting little in return.

Now it has not turned to not if but when and there is little wondering how. This magical creature wont be here forever.She is in her sunset and our job is to keep her calm and happy. It would be nice to be shielded from this too, but that wont be the case. Thanks for listening, xoxoxo