Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Who doesnt love fall right? Its my birthday season, the weather cools down,hair hangs right and festivals start up again anew. I usually love fall for those reasons and so many more but this time around there is a bit of lack of focus.

I am in a bit of creative quandry- Christmas feels like it is approaching so rapidly and yet all of my fabrics have arrived for spring. When you design clothes, you want to stay on top of it a few seasons ahead but you still have to get through the season at hand to afford it. Also I feel like my style is shifting and am not sure which way to go with it.

And did I mention- not reforming the appropriate company structure for my business post Katrina is looking like it will create some problems for me. I just dont know what to do. In the meantime, shrimp are back in season and the Saints are playing again in the city that care forgot. Well there are some big orders to finish and other wonderful goings on behind the scenes here so must toddle off amigos. Thanks for listening to me ramble!