Saturday, February 10, 2007

H & H Estate Sale today uptown on Jefferson Avenue

I am very happy to report a positive outcome for today's H & H (Huffy & Huffiet I like to think of the old lady as) estate sale uptown on Jefferson Avenue. I used to get so depressed before entering this lady's sales as her prices were always so unreasonably high and her morale (or is it morals) so low. Also, Heather and I would just start to pick on her when she would have a $3 tag on a pack of old light bulbs. then there was a time she had a scrap -literally a scrap- of mildewed carpet priced at $25. That was a day in Lakeview at on one of the bird -named streets but I digress, anyway, Lady K must have helped Miss Huffy see the light as her prices have come down since the Big One.It was a gorgeous day.

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kateschmate said...

Does H&H have a website or an e-newsletter that you can subscribe to for alerts on where and when their estate sales are?

Thanks so much!