Saturday, February 10, 2007

St. Vincent de Paul's on 4th Street in Marrero Louisiana

Ironically located between several biker bars (Ms. Bootie's Lounge & Bob's Lucky Penny), the sole surviving St. Vincent de Paul has some of the best elements that the old stores used to have. Employees - usually very colorful characters that make this a truly regional experience. Furniture- mostly feast or famine, this store usually has beds and dressers to spare. Look way in the back, to the left of the store and to the right of the cash stand. A visit today yielded an old Duncan Phyfe six dresser drawer that was five feet tall. The $1 sale- usually reserved for special occasions in the old days is now offered every day. 20 items for $ 20 dollars every day! And, finally a store that takes credit cards. They take American Express for goodness sakes. I love this store for the wonderful vintage shoes they usually have and great vintage children's clothes. They also often have good clothes gone wrong - stuff horribly stained but so cheap I can pull it apart and make something else with it. Also they have great old linens but not always.
The address is 4034 4th Avenue in Marrero. The hours are very strange. Something like 10-2 Thursday through Saturday.
This store is also convienently located a few blocks away from on of the best nurseries in town - Rose Garden Center ( on the West bank Expressway down a few blocks from Barrataria). Next to Mizell's at the Farmers Market, Rose's consistently has the best perrenials & varietals(spirea,forsythia,flowering maples,nandina) that are hardy for our tropical area. They also have compost, chicken manure and pine needles.

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