Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Orleans Thrift Store Thrift City Reopens

In case you havent heard, Thrift City USA has reopened on the West Bank on Terry Parkway inbetween Carol Sue and Stumpf. We're going to have to start calling this neighborhood the Latin Quarters since no less than 5 new Latino restaurants have opened up in this area since Lady K, not to mention the new and less than fabulous Union Supermarket.
Also there are Latina employees at Thrift City which is refreshing. No umbrellas on the ceiling yet and still no dressing rooms but they will exchange your clothes if you buy the wrong size.
1/2 price day is coming up this Thursday. Expect the place to be crowded with Mardi Gras Thrifters looking for costumes, otherwise known as amateurs ( not that there is anything wrong with that).
Thrift City is open 10am - 7pm Monday Through Friday
10am-6pm on Saturday, Closed Sunday. Drop off donations accepted.

The rest of the place will be packed with vintage clothing shop sharks (we know who you are) so get there early and bring money or you'll have to buy that darling outfit at ridiculous prices somewhere else. My pet peeve has got to be someone who buys an item at the thrift store for 2.95 and then tries to rip off college students or uptown ladies by selling the item for $90. Please dont call yourself "indie" or "alternative" when you are the equivalent of "walmart," not "target."

Good taste should be affordable and available to all.

That is why I love vintage shops like Funky Monkey on Magazine Street that keep prices reasonable. I'll never stop shopping there.


Anonymous said...

Funky Munky is still more high mark up Vintage consignment shop than quality thrift store...

la gitana said...

Hi! I just moved back home to New Orleans a couple weeks ago and I'm in the market for some cheap,used furniture but I'm havin a heck of a time finding anything. Is the post Katrina thrifting scene really that bad or have I not found the right spots yet? Any input you might have would be massively appreciated.