Monday, May 14, 2007

My new love - iggdrasil clogs from el naturalista

Ever since an accident a few years back, Ive struggled with one working knee (therefore needing shoes that work like shock absorbers) and the desire to wear cute shoes while I am on my feet teaching. I found Fluevog cowboy boots for winter but was needing a summer shoe. Here it is in all of the cute colors of red, lime, a rich coffee brown and light tan. They also have black for those practical people.The Iggdrasil clog from el naturalista. And the shoe is totally recycled.Worth every penny!You can find them on ebay or Zappos or

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Katy said...

I just got a pair of these today - I have never been so into a pair of shoes before! And you know the coolest thing (besides that they are so unbelievably comfy and cute)? They have tea tree oil in the insoles, so you smell nice all the time.