Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thrifting off Route 66 Sedona Arizona

You cannot believe the enjoyable ride from Flagstaff to Arizona. The short thirty minute drive is punctuated with red rock views and alpine like vistas with drops of 1000-2000 feet below.This is why we came here. Well that and thrifting. The allure of thrifting nestled inbetween two moneyed retirement communities was too much to resist. So we didnt.

The first to check out was TwiceNice, located on the main highway of Sedona. This is the kind of shop you come to for a quick replacement item you may have left at home.Definitely not a shopping destination. The store was full of well cared for items in either size 2 or size 20 with nothing inbetween. Shoes were the same story either size five or ten. Nothing vintage except for pantsuits of the 80s variety.

The last shop, a bit off the beaten path, we found while hitting the Oaxaca Cafe for lunch. The Girl's Ranch thrift shop is a hidden gem where you can find old embroidered linens and cute shorts. Not too cheap, but all the proceeds go to help single mothers get an education. Worthy every penny and the trip.

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