Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thrifting in New Mexico

You'd think after visiting the grand Canyon that you may have seen it all when it comes to the Southwest. Not so. Definitely the lava strewn landscape of New Mexico is equally as stark and lovely.

We took the scenic route on the border of Arizona and New Mexico and landed at the ice caves, formed from the collapsed lave tube of the el malpais volcano.For $9 each you can tour the volcano and ice cave which was 32 degrees! Brrr a perfect vacation spot for us swamp things.

On the way back from the ice caves, we hit the FRY Bread Shack along the highway. For around 5 dollars you could have a fry bread taco,hamburger or nachos. Dont miss the fry bread carboholics,it's totally worth the caloric splurge.

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