Friday, May 25, 2007

Thrifting for Navajo jewels at the Grand Canyon

Finally we arrived at the Grand Canyon. Am not quite sure there is anything original to say about how incredible the canyon is. It is incredibly still and peaceful even with all of the tourists traipsing around.What may be a best kept secret about the canyon is the incredible value in Navajo Jewelry you can find there.
The secret? Pawned items! Yes, even at the swanky resorts abreast the canyon's South Rim a bargain can be found- at the Hopi House gift shop they sell pawned Navajo and other tribal items for a fraction of the original cost.

I was searching for some cool belt buckles like the ones we saw in Sedona for 400-600 buckaroos. At the Hopi House, these buckles were only $250. They also had gorgeous rings that were selling in some shops for 100 and up for around 50.

I went ahead and got the rings for Christmas gifts but couldnt splurge on the buckle as it still seemed like too much money, so I thought I would try Flagstaff's pawn scene instead.

You would not believe the total scores at Flagstaff's Super Pawn on Hwy 89 right off of Route 66.

Pendelton blankets,navajo jewlery of every sort and guess what? They were having a sale!
I got my buckle, previously priced at $400 bucks for $100 and it is fabulous. Picks to follow!

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