Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are you ready .........

It's June 1. We're getting ready for hurricane season.Arthur is but a blip on the horizon and there are 25 more letters left in the alphabet to go.
I have never been this prepared before or frankly as anxious. I have been churning out things at a rate previously unknown to me. It's all about finishing projects, cleaning out and documenting, just in case.
One of the biggest things we are doing is clearing out and using things up instead of getting new stuff.From the freezer to our craft supply filled closets, its time to load it up and move it out.
We have an escape route, supplies and our pet carriers and medications in order. We'll have to benedryl two of the pets because they get so nervous.One thing we dont have to worry about is the iguanas which were difficult to keep happy and getting so big they couldnt fit in conventional carriers.The other thing we'll have to take is two cars since we have so many pets now.There's so much to think about and it seems like the time is just flying.
Are you ready?

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diything said...

We are trying to get ready too. Its a lot of work, but necessary. I guess it's a good time to find supplies you forgot you had.