Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thrifting in Oblivion Austin Texas Syle

Hola Compadres! It is wonderful to be back home all relaxed and rested after visiting Austin Texas to check out the city, try out a new evacuation route and see the Indigo Girls once again. It seemed the thrift gods were smiling on us once again as our hotel was across the way from the aptly named TEXAS THRIFT STORE.Boasting a spacious parking lot, generous aisle size, and friendly clerks, this place was one big yee haw from top to botton. The store is right off of I-35 south as you exit from 290 coming from Houston.
This store has some wonderful aspects- students and seniors get a 30% discount on Tuesdays and they have 3 different color tags on sale at a time. They also have a 99cent day once a month for new items.But the best thing about it was the book section!Any one who collects vintage books,ephemera or just likes to read a lot needs to check out this place when in town. The books are also arranged acording to subject matter. Not quite the Dewey Decimal system but it will do. We got a stack of leather bound books perfect for collage and artistic reuse.
Another thing about thrifting in a new town is that you can get your souvenirs a bit more cheaply (and environmentally friendly) while thrifting. they are also often cuter. We got some vintage UT football jerseys and a visor instead of buying them new.How often will we really wear this dusty orange?Not so often to buy something new, that's for sure.
I love the motto posted at this store- never ever buy new again. With stores like these, that options looks more and more enticing.
Texas Thrift Center is located at 5319 N. IH-35. The phone number is 380-0025. According to Michael Blujay, an Austin thrifter, this store "benefits Medina Children's Home."

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a great find, thanks for sharing. This year's road trip is Sedona AZ for us-I've got my thrifting itinerary mapped out. Send out some lucky thrifting vibes for me and the planet, will ya?