Friday, June 6, 2008

New Thrift Store on Bienville in Mid City New Orleans

It's kinda cool to report that there is a thrift store open in the 70119 zip code these days. There's been no where to thrift in that area since Katrina and Thrift City decided to reopen on the West Bank instead of rebuilding. Now Mid City dwellers can drift over to 2600 Bienville, off of Broad to find some good bargains.
Bienville Community Thriftstore (or El Thrifto) (that's my name for it as it has a Latina vibe) is open Thursday through Saturday 10-6.While peeking my head in (the pictures didnt come out) it was great to see some super low prices, such as tshirts for $1.They also had some really cute childrens clothes in the 2 dollar range.Everything in there is brand new and it is super clean.
The store is located in a real live recovery zone. If you are on your bike bring your lock and your tough girl attitude. You'll have a great time.
You can also catch a snowball right down the street after you thrift. See yall there!

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