Monday, November 3, 2008

Good morning salvagistas. So excited today to be visiting the new Salvation Army Superstore on Jefferson Highway this afternoon. It has just reopened back up after Katrina as a store. For the past few years it has been used as a center to assist people with getting their lives back together after the storm. It's a strange feeling because we visited the store just a few days before katrina and have been totally missing it.

Moreover, we have a new GOODWILL SUPERSTORE that will be opening up on Tulane Avenue @ Jefferson Davis. Perhaps this will fill the aching hole left by the loss of Thrift City USA, possibly the best thrift store ever that was on Carrollton & Tulane.

Last, I am so excited about our planned Christmas trip to Arizona. We will take the southern route, hopefully dipping back down into hill country. If you have any good shops or areas to visit let me know!

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allison o. said...

Yep, that was me. Thanks for posting info on Billy Bob, I couldn't find anything about him on the art car sites. That's his car at the NOMA Art Car day in 2004?, maybe. Are you selling your doc online? I used to work with New Orleans Video Access Center in midcity. How's Billy Bob doing now? I saw the article where they interviewed him in 2006 about ptsd.