Friday, November 7, 2008

Salvation Army in Tupelo Mississippi

It was cool to check out the Salvation Army training center in downtown Tupelo, as I've been trying to catch it open for the past couple of years. They keep very limited hours and so getting in there builds the anticipation. Especially when you see on the board that everything is $1. At least all of the clothing.

Then you get inside. The clothes are pretty awful there. This is a sorting center so everything that really isnt sellable is on the floor. You will be greeted with rack after rack of sad clothing, really best suited for rag rugs or cleaning up spills. Completely not worth $1. Your best bet is to go upstairs and check out the furniture.

They had some cute vintage cabinets, vintage office chairs, old luggage, and quite a bit of old books and records perfect for collage. Otherwise drive right on by.

This store gets NO TRUCKS.Maybe a shovel is needed?
Salvation Army
527 Carnation St
Tupelo, MS 38804
(662) 842-9222‎

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terryann said...

our local thrift has a stuff a bag day, all the clothes you can stuff in a brown paper grocery type bag for $5!... my favorate day!