Monday, November 17, 2008

Gretna Glass and Antiques Show

We were alerted by a savvy customer of ours that there was a glass and antiques show in Gretna this weekend. It was such a windy,blustery weekend that maybe all of their signage had been blown away? At any rate we headed down to check out what they had.

This lady was at the first booth on the end. She had on a great faux leopard coat. She also had tons of lace along with this wonderful sewing box.

She wasnt the only vendor who had lace. Piles everywhere- heaped on tables chairs, in vintage hampers and in items like this:

A wonderful hutch. We have enough hutches and such but this one was so cute it looked like it needed a good home (and someone to stop scraping the wonderful chippy finish off ...grrrr).

We stayed until we had spent our budget and it was time for lunch. Next time we'll get the news in advance so we can spread the word about the show.

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