Monday, July 6, 2009

Halfy's Thrift Boutique Promoting Thrifting and Animals in the Kansas City Area

Last Summer I thrifted through the midwest and one place I hit was Halfy's in the Overland Park, Kansas area.
Greeted by their erstwhile mascot, this sweet, blind, and deaf lovey guided me to bargains and fall in love with Halfy's. Check it out if you are in the Kansas City area and looking for a good thrift store. Mission Road is a thrift haven.Halfy's takes the thrift mission one step further: ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT ANIMAL WELLNESS!!!

Halfy's Thrift Boutique
5917 Johnson Dr
Mission, KS 66202
(913) 677-9086

One truck for picking out great business clothes, silver, collectibles & promoting animal health and wellness!

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