Friday, July 24, 2009

Thrifting South of the Border Nogales Arizona el thrifto!

On our venture to the rusty dusty south, we headed south of the border. On the way we stopped by- what else- this fabulous thrift store in Nogales, salvagistas.

It was a fabulous Salvation Army. Heather loaded up on rusty junk jewelry for her creations and I came away with fantastic vintage sunglasses and a wagon full of vintage slips- quite a few that had their original 50 year old tag on them. Oh and the guabara shirts or however you spell them. Heather got a really elaborate one but they had plenty more. In various stages of fabulous or not so much. Everything was a dollar or less that we purchased. Thankfully these items were lightweight and easy to pack into the bayoumobile. We've heard the store has since closed & hopefully will be back to check soon. The plaza is a great place to visit anyway due to its wonderful grocery store- we got great churros & horchata. Lots of mexican decor, paper products, etc.etc. Unless you drive over to Mexico, this stop is on your way to the checkpoint, so check it out salvagistas.

P.S. It had a ton of those cute Mexican embroidered dresses. I'm not allowed to buy them anymore due to an overflowing bin here at the salvage pile, but if you like those cute dresses, go here!

Salvation Army Thrift Stores in Nogales, Arizona

Name: Salvation Army the, Thrift Stores
Street: 490 North Grand Court Plaza
Nogales, AZ 85621-2748
Phone: (520) 287-7965

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schmemily said...

Ooh, I wish we'd explored thrifting closer to the border when we were in Arizona last month (Sierra Vista area). Neither of us had brought our passports, so we avoided the border entirely.

We'll have to make a special trip to Tuscon next time, too. Thanks for sharing!