Monday, July 20, 2009

Junking in the Country !

We had a great time hitting a few junk spots on our way to visit Rue Roux out in the country this weekend.

After hitting the Covington Goodwill (review to follow later this week), we came upon Miss Loretta's. And she was ready to sell!

Obviously, we salvagistas share something in common with Loretta.

She cant seem to let her collections of junk go. We asked: did you have a lamp store, a frame store, a junk store? No, no , no she answered, offering us buckets of lamps for incredible prices.

we settled on a great old rusty truck, a rug, some shutters, and of course the wonderful feedsack quilt for $2!!!!!!

I love summer down by the bayou- such great junking, so little time. So if you come on down, hit the yard sales in the Covington area. You wont be disappointed!

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