Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thrifting in Tucson Part 2 St. Vincent dePaul

Thrifting in Tucson a deux. Tucson thrifting was so much fun we had to hit some stores twice. St Vincent de Paul on 6th was an unplanned yet enjoyable experience we happened upon after grabbing a cup of fair trade and an enormous chocolate chip cookie before heading out of town.

Dont let the unassuming facade fool you, this shop is crammed to the gills with vintage finds and great rusty salvage bits.

While wishing we had a truck to haul away all of the mid century furniture you could shake a stick at, we found piles of vintage doilies,linen linens, tablecloths,(all travel friendly in our car) and some sweet dishes (like we need more).

I wasnt able to get good pictures of the back of this facility- it is full of salvaged and rusty metal and other items left out in the elements- most of it free or One dollar.Remarkable and breathtakingly good value, this store is a good 3 trucks. Cant wait to get back there again!

St Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores

820 S 6th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701


Reneesance said...

Ooooh! Makes me wish I could go to Tucson!

RustChic said...

oh you must go . many of my friends who love junk also agree. they also have great food & affordable hotels. mexico is less than an hour away!